Sunday, February 10, 2013

Highly Recommended

Friend of this blog, Liz, left a comment that I wanted to highlight. You can read about Liz and her consanguinamorous relationship with Ryan here. (I'm bumping up this entry because it is still applicable today.)
My brother and I love each other very much, and live as a couple. In fact, my story is on this very blog. If anyone were to ask me, I would tell them that consensual incest is a wonderful thing. After all, who loves you more than family? I know it's not for everyone, but I would encourage those curious about it to consider trying it. Of course, there could be bad consequences, so be careful.

It really is wonderful, like nothing you can imagine. My dream is that the laws against incest were all repealed so that people would not have to fear the government intruding on their private lives.

There are many people like Liz and Ryan, but most of them are not public about the true nature of their relationship. Either they present themselves as siblings sharing a home mostly for convenience, or they are living in a locale where nobody knows they are closely related, and they live openly as husband and wife, though usually denied the legal freedom to marry. Because of awful laws and bullying, most consanguinamorous relationships remain closeted.

Many siblings, cousins, and other close relatives close in age experiment as teens to mutual enjoyment and benefit. Society would be better off if more teens did this as opposed to tangling with strangers or classmates, especially ones much older. Some close relatives go on to have lifelong spousal relationships, or something between that and the youthful experimentation some enjoy. None of this should be a matter that brings down law enforcement intrusion into personal relationships. None of this should bring about bullying by bigots. Quite often, it should bring celebration. They are beautiful, loving relationships, and they should have the freedom to marry if that is what they want.

If you want to tell your own story or have me interview you the way I interviewed Liz and the way I interviewed Linda, Melissa, and Matthew, I will keep your identity as private as you want. You can find me at as fullmarriageequality.
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  1. Thank you so much. I did not expect to see an entry about me and my brother when I checked your site today. You do so much and I hope you know that it is appreciated. I hope many people read this and everything else on your site, and that after doing so they understand that love comes in many forms and should not be restricted by archaic laws.


  2. My wonderful half-brother and I (6 years younger) are working slowly to build a life together. Nothing feels more like "HOME" than being with him. He was adopted at birth and we met this past summer. We are the love of each others lives, as we believe we have known one another since time began. Deep, committed, driven to be together...willing to give it all up to start USS after nearly 50 years apart on this planet. Emotional and spiritual love TRUMP the physical connection. <3

    1. Anonymous, thanks for your comments and congratulations! May everything go well for the two of you. I'd like to hear from you privately, either through email at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com or at


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