Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video: Another Discussion of the Polygamous Freedom to Marry

These guys can't come up with a good reason to deny the polygamous freedom to marry. That's because there isn't one.

More and more people are thinking it through and realizing that full marriage equality makes sense, and that the response to bigots who try to scare people about slippery slopes when it comes to the same-gender freedom to marry should be "What's wrong with letting consenting adults have their right to marry?"

Note that one of them brings up legal sanctions against adultery. I'm not aware of any place in the US where there remain any enforceable criminal laws against adultery, perhaps defined in some ridiculous laws as having sex with someone other than your lawfully wedded spouse (which criminalizes threesomes, polyamory, open marriages, etc.) Nor is adultery considered by the court in divorce proceedings in states that have no-fault divorce. There are some states that still allow people to sue for "alienation of affection," but that is rare. Ultimately, cheating should not be a matter for the courts anyway. But whether or not something is cheating is up to the agreements made by the adults involved. For a strictly monogamous couple, cheating might include one of them sexting someone else. For people in an open marriage, it might be one spouse not informing the other of a sexual encounter had with another person. For a triad in polyfidelity, it might be one of them secretly meeting with a fourth person. None of this should be something for law enforcement to deal with.
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