Thursday, February 14, 2013

Speaking Up For Discrimination in Utah

Yes, there are people with enough time on their hands to actively support a discriminatory law that criminalizes consenting adults living together or presenting themselves as having a polyamorous, polygamous, or plural marriage. Makes we wonder if there is anything about their relationships some people might object to?

Mark Green at reports...
An organization that opposes decriminalizing polygamy in Utah made its presence known at the Utah Capitol this morning.
Members of the Sound Choice Coalition visited with state officials and asked them to resist loosening Utah’s laws regarding polygamy.

The organization’s founder, Kristyn Decker, is a former polygamist, and she said if Utah moves to decriminalize polygamy it will allow the state to become a haven for the abuses that come along with the practice.
Allowing an ADULT their right to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with ANY and ALL consenting adults will actually make it EASIER to prosecute abusers, because victims and witnesses will not be fearful of law enforcement just because they are in a polyamorous relationship. It is absurd that Utah has laws against consenting adults simply living together. Stop the hate and bigotry. Any woman (and any man) should be free to marry a woman, a man, two women, two men, etc. Stop blaming consensual adult relationships for abuse, which happens in supposedly monogamous homes, too.
Decker said many people who seem to be happy with polygamy are actually miserable, and she said she once pretended to be happy in a polygamous lifestyle.
She knows what is better for YOU, got it???

The Utah law is ridiculous and needs to go. Abuse will still be illegal. It will be easier to prosecute.

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