Saturday, February 9, 2013

Examples of GSA Leading to Consanguinamory

Many people who experience Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) find it problematic because it is interfering with existing vows they have to someone else, or because they fear the prejudiced social and legal backlash from acting on their feelings. But for others, GSA leads to the best relationship they have ever experienced, one of lasting and exciting consanguinamory.

These are some examples I found at a site that has since been transformed into a different site, but it used to be the best place to talk about GSA online, free of charge. Continue reading for some highlights.

NgG wrote…

ive been in a relationship with my 'dad' for six years now and its been absolutely wonderful most of the time, but like all relationships we have had our down points... a couple break ups even. id say what has kept us together is just us knowing we dont want to live without each other. So when things get rough, which they do, communtication is the key!! What i find that helps a lot is going places and taking little trips to places where no one knows us and we can act as a couple in public. id say success is just being happy... If yu can find happiness in ur situation, well that pretty much speaks for itself the relationship is just like any other relationship between any couple, only we do have to keep it a secret, which gets frustrating. when we are out like with family or friends that know us, he is there as my dad and im there as baby girl. lol which is also nice. so id really say i have the best of both worlds! i have a great father and a great partner this relationship may come with certian cons put the pros are deffinatly worth it!

They should be able to live their lives openly.

MiAmor4Life wrote…

First of all, I want to say that my H[alf]B[rother] and I love this site! We can relate to almost everyone on here...

A little history on us..

I was adopted...reunited after a 30 year wait. Met my HB and we both knew something was different...we were shy about it at first...then we planned our first kiss. We were thinking it would be akward, but it was so the opposite. It was the most perfect, amazing kiss forward to now (almost a year later)...we are madly in love..we are planning to move in together before summer.


Our love is the most powerful thing either of us has ever is UNREAL!!!

Now, I want to say this about BOTH of us..we are both very beautiful people..he and I can easily have any person we want. We both have had modeling careers that were quite successful He is literally the most beautiful man on the planet..stunning..he takes my breath away every time I see him! SO, this is not a situation of we could't find anyone else...we feel as though we were built for each other.

We want to meet some of the people on here so we can have friends who understand the intense feelings we feel for one another. We do plan on getting "married" very soon. It would be nice to have people there who see the beauty in what we are doing.

They should be able to have their marriage recognized by the law.

Dster wrote…

I'll try to keep it short but the last year of my life has been like the Twilight Zone. I'm the father and the daughter I never knew I had found me on Facebook about a year ago. I'm 39 and she's 19. Both adults.

Basically, her mother and I were wild party animals in our youth. I “knocked” her up and freaked out. I joined the military My “ex” (20 years ago) didn't want that life. I got shipped overseas eventually. And she just kind of disappeared. I didn't really want to marry her anyway. I was told by her family that she was going to have an abortion, but it turns out she never did. It was a lie.


Then once day I get a Facebook message to my email. That changed everything. She said, “Are you so and so? Did you once date so and so. If so I think I might be your daughter.” I thought it was spam or some cruel hoax from my friends. Nope. I think you get the rest of the picture. After testing her and trying to make her prove who she was, we talked on the phone. Then we met the next day. As soon as I saw her I knew it was true. I'm still coming to terms with this. She was a college student about 2 hours away. All this time and I never knew.

I don't what to say here. I guess you get the picture. Something happened between us after about 4 months. Also she's beautiful. I can't describe it. And she's got a beautiful way about her. And basically the whole relationship just happened. It started with a typical awkward moment that turned into a kiss. Then it progressed into more. And now it has turned into a very kinky relationship. We live together and are basically throwing caution to the wind. It's been about 8 months now and it's like finding your soul mate in the weirdest of ways.


Having this relationship has changed me as a person. I find myself loving everybody and everything sometimes. Of course in our case there is a huge sexual dimension and we feel so free and open to each other. But it's like two hearts came together as one person and I wish everybody could have that.

If adults find a deep and passionate love, why should laws be so cruel as to try to keep them apart? If you need to talk about GSA, I now recommend the free GSA Forums.
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