Monday, February 25, 2013

We Get Letters

Well, comments really. Here are some recent comments of note.

In response to something I posted about half-siblings defying bigotry, Anonymous wrote...
oh my.. i have a enormous amount of sympathy.. i know someone in the same boat, only he's the older and shes younger. Problem is the same. Everyone thinks he's a screw up because he hasn't had a girlfriend for so long and how hes getting older... lol well it would appear that way from the outside. Poor guy has been tormented for years about "he's gonna die a virgin" and "he must be pathetic in bed" etc etc.. nothing could be more incorrect. They've been together for YEARS, and she's told me their life behind closed doors is amazing, and when they are together they are truly an amazing couple. I know because I've seen it. Yet everyone around them are growing up and growing old, are married, some beat each other, some are horrible to their children, some are just outright POS's, while this couple is a beautiful one-yet pretty much illegal everywhere and is extremely taboo in our society. Its horrible that they are ridiculed and made fun of, but sadly at the moment thats how it is. We have to get this straightened out! (lol sheesh and gays thought they had it bad...;D)
Prejudiced discrimination is a problem and is hurtful whether it is directed at an interracial couple, a gay couple, or a polyamorous triad, or a consanguinamorous relationship. Consenting adults shouldn't have to hide their love. The people Anonymous described could involve other people as "beards" (and some people have done that very thing,) but would that be fair to anyone? No, not unless the beards were informed and agreeable, perhaps having some need of theirs met by the arrangement.

Liz continues to be generous with comments and her own experiences. She wrote after a posting about the two main paths to consanguinamory...
I was so relieved that our parents did not try to force my brother and I apart when they learned we were together. He and I have always been close, and after we became intimate I realized that I could not imagine life without him by my side. I cannot imagine what it must be like for those people who want to be in a relationship with a family member but are unable to do so for one reason or another. I strongly agree with what you have said, especially the last paragraph. My wish would be for everyone to be with the one they love, whomever it may be, so they can all have happy lives together.
After an entry talking about children born to such relationships, she wrote...
This does seem to be the number one reason many people are against brother - sister relationships. My brother and I had many discussions and did a lot of research before deciding to have a child together. Once I was pregnant I made sure to see my doctor regularly to make sure everything was ok. Our daughter is fine - happy and healthy. I now know we did the right thing, and we do plan on having more children. My point is that the belief that every incest child will have something wrong with him or her is just wrong, and couples like us should make the decision to have children or not with honest facts, not mistaken beliefs.

We're always happy to get comments like these. People need to see the truth about these relationships. They do exist, and the biggest problem with them is the prejudice of others. There's no reason to criminalize this love or deny these lovers the freedom to marry.
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