Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Half Siblings Defying Bigotry

There's more than one forum online now specific to the issues of Genetic Sexual Attraction. For anyone experiencing GSA, especially if they are having difficulties in their relationship or from external pressures, there's a free, welcoming, supportive forum at run by people who have actually had relationships initiated through GSA.

Here's an example of what what woman is dealing with because she loves her half-brother.
We have been "dating" for years now. Even now. I chose him, and I will never throw that away. But problems like difference in years, which I never thought would show. I am older, my friends are getting married, or are married with children. I can not marry. I can not even tell anyone. I have to face questions like "what's wrong with you?" more and more often on meetings.

Loss of family also hurts the relationship. Turning your back to those who know to pursue it might form "bad blood" between lovers. His mother, and my mother both figured it out and tried desperately to keep us apart. Unfortunately, being the older one, both parents found me to terrorize.

My mother now stopped talking to me, and his mother has given up.
So much trouble, and why? Because consenting adults are in love with each other. That is ridiculous. They should be free to be together, to marry if they want, and their families and friends should recognize the beauty of their love.

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  1. oh my.. i have a enormous amount of sympathy.. i know someone in the same boat, only he's the older and shes younger. Problem is the same. Everyone thinks he's a screw up because he hasn't had a girlfriend for so long and how hes getting older... lol well it would appear that way from the outside. Poor guy has been tormented for years about "he's gonna die a virgin" and "he must be pathetic in bed" etc etc.. nothing could be more incorrect. They've been together for YEARS, and she's told me their life behind closed doors is amazing, and when they are together they are truly an amazing couple. I know because I've seen it. Yet everyone around them are growing up and growing old, are married, some beat each other, some are horrible to their children, some are just outright POS's, while this couple is a beautiful one-yet pretty much illegal everywhere and is extremely taboo in our society. Its horrible that they are ridiculed and made fun of, but sadly at the moment thats how it is. We have to get this straightened out! (lol sheesh and gays thought they had it bad...;D)

    1. Prejudiced discrimination is terrible all around. Thanks for commenting and sharing that. Everyone knows someone in this position, whether they know it or not.


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