Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Casting Call For "Non-Conventional" Stories of Love in the US

Sometimes I am contacted by journalists and casting directors looking for people who are in relationships that face discrimination who are willing to appear, at least in some form, in print articles, television shows, or documentaries.

Balanced documentation or depictions of such relationships will lead to more understanding in the population in general, and move us towards relationship rights and full marriage equality for all. There are two concerns that always arise with these requests, however:

1. Will the article/program/documentary actually be balanced or favorable, rather than misleading or negative?

2. Will the lovers who participate be able to do so without bringing further discrimination into their lives?

I do not tell anyone else whether or not to cooperate with these requests. Every set of lovers must decide for themselves what, if anything, they will do in response to these requests. With that in mind, here's the latest information...
Casting Dept. 
I'm currently casting a new relationship Docu Series for VH1 and we are interested in featuring non-conventional stories of love! I came across your website and thought it would be great to feature a couple that is experiencing genetic sexual attraction. If selected there is compensation. If you know any couples in the US that would love to tell their story please have them send me a brief story about their current relationship, contact info and recent pics. Thanks for your time.

The docuseries is only meant to shine a positive light on non-conventional relationships and educate others. 
We are open to all "non-conventional" stories of love.


Kelley Allen
Casting Producer
VPEtalent |
135 W 26th St, Suite 8B | NY, NY 10001

There's the information. Do with it what you will. Just to clarify, by "non-conventional" relationships, they mean they'd be interested in hearing from those in polyamorous relationships, polygamous relationships, plural marriages, open relationships, consanguinamorous or consanguineous relationships, consensual adult incest relationships, relationships initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction, etc.
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