Thursday, July 14, 2011 on Plural Marriage

mommyofone740 wrote about plural marriage

The sister wives post got me thinking what if plural marriage were legal for religious reasons who's to say the next step wouldn't be making it legal for everyone?

It should be legal for everyone, regardless of religion, on the basis of equal protection, the right to marry, freedom of association, and the right to privacy.

And if that happened would you really be ok with it?

I want full marriage equality. Under full marriage equality, if someone wants to enter what they call a plural marriage, that would be legal.

Mrs.BAT is an ally…

I personally would love to see it totally legalized. I don't think it's right for the government to say who you can and can not marry, what you can do with your own body, etc.


no thanks, whats mine is mine, i dont share and neither does he..

So she would not want to be a plural marriage, but what about letting other people enter into one?


Maybe I'm a judgmental biatch but fine whatever let them do what they want. But I wouldn't want to live next to them or ever associate with then.

That’s sad. What if they’re all great people? This is prejudice.


I'd love to have second husband! Free love!

I think most people talking about plural marriage are referring to polygyny, but under full marriage equality, polyandry and other marriages would also be legal.

kcangel63 is an ally…

Yes. I think adults should be allowed to marry who they want.

So is IamMommy247…

As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, it's cool with me.

briellesmomma is a bit like AlwaysKISA…

Im with this. I am all for doing what you want to do but I think this is disgusting, IMO. I would not want that around my kid.

The good news is most of the responses were in favor of the freedom to marry.
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