Monday, July 25, 2011

An Ally For Consanguinamory

Kate Taylor, who is not in a consanguinamorous relationship, argues that “Incest should be legal” and notes the flimsy constitution of the typical arguments against equality.

Incest should be legal. Nobody seems to be able to provide me with a plausible argument against legalising incest – “because it is digusting” is not an argument.

It is Discredited Argument #1.

I think firstly a myth about incest – the incest taboo – needs to be cleared up: first generation interbreeding causes no more genetic risk than a normal couple.

It depends on what is meant by “interbreeding” and “normal.” See Discredited Argument #18.

Incest isn’t a bad thing.

In and of itself, no, consensual incest isn’t a bad thing. It is a bad thing to cheat. It is a bad thing to mistreat people. That can happen with sex, regardless of the relations of the participants.

Another argument used is “Well, it just isn’t right”. But that’s the “argument” that is used against homosexual people and relationships. If it’s just a belief, don’t have sex with your siblings. Let everyone else do what they think is right.

Again, see Discredited Argument #4.

A (completely ludicrous) argument that came up was that it would be confusing for a child. “Hi kids, come and see your Uncle Daddy.” That could well be a (wrongly used) argument against gay couples adopting – “Hi kids, come see your Mummy Dad!”

Discredited Argument #19. There would be much less confusion if people could pursue relationships and raise their children without unnecessary government intrusion. Daddy could more easily free to be Daddy, rather than Uncle.

I realise reading this back that it could sound as though I am mocking gay relationships – I’m not. Those who know me will know I am the most accepting person in the world of same-sex relationships, mainly because every now and again I choose to have one.

She should have that freedom, and other should have their freedom, too.

Another argument is that society decrees that incest is wrong. I don’t see that as a valid reason to make something illegal.

It assumes the answer to the question. It’s circular reasoning. “It’s wrong because it is illegal. It is illegal because it is wrong.”

If public opinion suddenly turned on homosexuality, I would be outraged if it was made illegal. I stand in the same position for incest.

It’s nice to have solidarity.

My argument for legalising incest is very simple – what goes on in the bedroom between consenting adults is no business of the state.

An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults. It is that simple.

Some allies commented.

Stephanie weedy (@MissStephWeedy)…

I’ve never thought about it like that before. You are completely right. People are into all sorts in the bedroom. Some of which are considered disgusting but they aren’t illegal so why should this be? Completely agree and lots of respect to you for having the guts to make the argument!


I completely agree. Adults of consenting age should be free to be involved in any type of relationship they want. I may not understand it, but it’s not my job to pass judgment on other people’s relationships.


As to my view on incest – personally I believe it has flourished for years and years and cannot see any real problems, but then as an old hippy am very ‘live and let live’. Don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you, except of course when I am ranting in my blog or on twitter!

It’s nice to see the support and the changing minds. Thanks to all allies!
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