Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Zealand Courts Continue to Punish Consensual Sex

This article on a father-daughter case of possible Genetic Sexual Attraction may be an update of this case.

A father and daughter who admitted conspiracy to commit incest have lost a bid to have their convictions overturned.

The Court of Appeal was told that Mr Y and Ms A formed a sexual attraction to one another in late 2008 and agreed to have sex and perform "other sexual acts''.

Why is it is a crime for consenting adults to plan to have sex with each other, let alone why is it a crime for them to actually have sex with each other? Allowing this conviction to stand is trashing justice.

They were convicted of conspiracy to commit incest and ordered to come up for sentencing within 12 months if called upon by the court.

Mr Y and Ms A appealed, saying they should have been discharged without conviction claiming that the judge did not properly consider the impact of a conviction on their careers and failed to take into account Ms A's immigration status and child custody issues.

But in their decision the court dismissed the couple's appeal.

Incest laws should be changed so that they only apply to rape, sexual assault, and child molestation. They should not apply to consensual sex. An adult should be free to pursue love, sex, cohabitation, and marriage with any consenting adults. For every one of these relationships that law enforcement intrudes into, there are many more that go on, for life or for a season, and it doesn't hurt anyone else. It doesn't harm society. Let them have each other.
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