Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Polyamory Worked For Her

Devon Sproule, singer and songwriter, was profiled by Helen Brown, and spoke positively about growing up in a polyamorous family.

Sproule credits her “alternative upbringing” with giving her both confidence and people skills. She was born at a Canadian commune, then moved with her parents to join a community in Virginia based on principles of non-violence, egalitarianism, sustainability and income-sharing. Complete with an art studio, it was a terrific environment for an adventurous child, and young Devon enjoyed music blasting out from huge speakers during after-dinner clean-up shifts. “There was classic rock, classical music… one person who always played Bj√∂rk. My parents were a good blend of attentive and easy-going. Growing up with a lot of adults you learn to express yourself well. You can use your verbal skills to make out that you’re a little smarter than you are.”

Sproule met her friend Danielle when she was 14. “Danielle was 24 and her son was three. I was kinda old for my age, she was kinda young for hers and so we met in the middle. She was my biggest influence as an adolescent.

“When I started sleeping with people I could talk to her about the gruesome details and she was informative and open minded. My dad has always been polyamorous – y’know, he has multiple partners – and my mum’s a lesbian.”

Those who want to deny the polygamous freedom to marry, or polyamorous or LGBT people child custody, usually say that those things are harmful to children. But Sproule was one of those children, and she disagrees.
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