Monday, July 18, 2011

A Bomb Threat Should Be of Concern, Not Consensual Sex

This story out of West Virginia is headlined “Dunbar Man Charged With Incest.”

A relative of a man turned him into police after overhearing several telephone conversations with a female relative and finding several letters the man wrote the victim.

The victim told police she started having sex with Jonathan Adams, from Dunbar, after moving in with him and wife last February.

Police were told Adams stood in the door preventing her from leaving.

Told by whom? It was described as “sex,” not “rape.” Those are two very different things. If he prevented her from leaving and she really want to leave, how about charging him with kidnapping or false imprisonment or some other appropriate charge? If he forced himself on her, charge him with rape or sexual assault.

The topper for me comes at the very end of the story…

Adams was already in jail, charged with calling in bomb threats to the Southridge Walmart.

So, apparently consensual sex between adults is a bigger deal to the editor than bomb threats? If this man was making bomb threats, lock him up for that, and, like I said, false imprisonment. If he sexually assaulted someone, charge him with that. Consensual incest should not be a crime. Bomb threats disrupt the lives of others. Consensual sex does not.

This story also uses “incest” in the headline, and never even mentions the bomb threat!

Jonathan Adams, 32, was arrested overnight after family members alerted police to inappropriate conversation and letters the family members intercepted between Adams and his 25-year-old sister.

Incest can carry a 5 to 15 year jail sentence in West Virginia.

Fifteen years for consensual sex? Absurd.
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  1. obviously your inbred!!what a sicko you are to say 2 people that are related should be able to have sex!!your a sick twisted individual!!obviously its not right or the kids wouldnt come out retarded with 12 fingers and 3 feet!!shame on your inbred ass

    1. Thank you for expressing your ignorant and bigoted opinion, stacy. I'm not inbred any more than the average person (we all are, somewhat) and what's more, I know how to type capital letters and I know the difference between "your" and "you're."

      By the way, most children born to consanguinamorous parents are healthy. Also, most sex does not result in the birth of a child to begin with.

      Always feel free to express your opinions here. By doing so, you will show that those who oppose full marriage equality are prejudiced.

    2. You didn't give a good reason why related people shouldn't be able to have sex.
      "Sex" doesn't mean "pregnancy" and there are UNrelated people who risk to have "retarded kids", but they can have sex, they can get married and they can have all the "retarded kids" they want

  2. Derp derp...sorry if I send these peeps your way Keith by promoting your blog. But in a way your, right, it makes them look really silly.


  3. you are a sick person to say its ok for a man and his sister to screw!!!your prob a child molester!!!

    1. Child molestation has NOTHING to do with consenting adults having sex. I have never had any kind of sexual or inappropriate contact with a child. Not even when I was a child. I was a late bloomer when it came to sex.

      You didn't give a reason why consensual sex between adults is wrong.

      Calm down and use your brain. What if someone thinks YOUR love life is sick? That is, if you have one?

  4. i dont really give a rats ass if you know how to spell!!thats your inbred way of changing the subject!!your a sick twisted piece of crap!your mommy and daddy are brother and sister huh???yep that has to be the case noone else would think that shits normal

    1. As far as I know, my parents are not closely related.

      If you have a reasonable argument, present it. Otherwise, take your hate and prejudice elsewhere.


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