Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marriage Equality: Some Abuse Cases No Reason to Deny

The right to marry or to personal consortium should not be abridged or denied in on account of..., gender, sexual orientation,
(gay marriage, same-sex marriage)

(interracial marriage, exogamous marriage)

(incestuous marriage, consanguineous marriage, consanguinamorous marriage, hyperendogamous marriage)

...or number of participants.
(polygamous marriage, plural marriage, polygynous marriage, polyandrous marriage, group marriage, triad marriage, dyadic network marriage, polyamorous marriage, open marriage)

One of the most widely used "arguments" against a freedom to marry, or full marriage equality, is this one used against polygamous or consanguineous (incestuous) marriage...

“They’re abusive.”

But these types of relationships are not inherently abusive. Abusive people are the cause of abuse, not marriage. There are many heterosexual, monogamous, nonconsanguineous marriages in which someone is abused. We have several examples showing that outlawing consensual behavior correlates to an increase in problems as people try to avoid law enforcement and other authorities. Marriage equality will most certainly reduce abuse, as abuse victims can go to the authorities with much less fear. So the solution isn’t the status quo, it is in making the relationships official, and prosecuting abusers. Victims will be much more forthcoming.

As we celebrate the birthday of the US, let us be true to the principles of liberty, freedom to pursue happiness, and equality.

This was adapted from my page on Discredited Arguments against marriage equality.
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