Friday, July 15, 2011

Polygamy at Answerbag

23Skidoo set up a poll, “Should polygamy, polyandry and other adult multiple marriage be allowed? Why / Why Not?”

When I last checked, it was running 80% “yes,” which of course is good, but then the people using Answerbag do seem more progressive than the general population.

The Reverend Soleil is an ally…

So long as all participants are of age and willing, why not? It's none of your business what anybody else does in the privacy of their own home...

william 6 wasn’t so supportive…

What a liberal lot of rubbish. The wrath of GOD will fall on the u.s.a. because of homo,polygamy, and the mob that don't marry at all

Surely William is not Roman Catholic, since those priests don’t marry.


Yes, and no. I think there should be a law allowing a multiple marriage. *A* multiple marriage. If two people are married, and one wants to marry another, then BOTH would have to marry the third person. If one wishes to marry someone that is already married to another, then ALL parties would have to marry.

That should be an option, but not a requirement, as long as an objecting spouse is free to divorce.

Put a limit of say, 8, on the family.

No arbitrary limit is necessary. Most "all-for-all" marriages will be three or four people.

Gingerminx is an ally…

So long as they are all consenting adults I do not see why it shouldn't be legal.

CrimsonTyger is an ally…

I honestly don't care as long as they aren't hurting anyone go for it.


In the US, consenting adults are already free to live together in whatever arrangement they want.

Not in Utah, apparently.

"Legal/Civil Marriage" however is restricted to couples primarily because of estate and divorce law. Consider this, IF polygamy were allowed, in the case of a divorce, what would be the departing spouse's share of the community property?

This is not a good excuse. See Discredited Arguments #11-14.

And what if, in a group marriage, 1 person wants to divoce 1 spouse but not the others?

Then a choice has to be made. Either everyone will be fine with that, or somebody will leave.

Can A be married to B and B to C, but A and C aren't married to each other?

Yes. Why not?

This person brings up all of the standard paperwork/benefits arguments that have been thoroughly answered.

MrJosh is an ally…

Who am I to decide how other people live their lives? If you want it, do it, if not, don't. So long as there is no coercion and everybody is there by choice, its all good.


Do I think polygamy would be beneficial to our culture? No. Polygamy would be less stable than monogamy and cause more social problems.

I fail to see how it would be less stable than supposed monogamy has been, or how it would caise more social problems. I think having the option will actually bring more stability and reduce social problems.

Divorce rates are high enough as it is. Can you imagine how high they would be if every member of a group had to be happy with every other member?

Actually, it could lower the divorce rate as married people who have become mostly “good friends only” instead of lovers would no longer have to divorce in order to marry others.

no longr southernmichigander now anti-emo…

If all parties are consenting adults I honestly don't give a damn.


Again, no good reason to deny this freedom to marry or full marriage equality was given.
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