Saturday, July 30, 2011

Polyamory in Australian Media

Irene Scott reported on polyamory for ABC in Australia.

We met Abby and Grant, they've been in a polyamorous relationship for the last 2 years.

Grant says the concept of finding 'the one' can set people up for failure.

It can if monogamy isn’t for them. Some people are monogamous and can and do find “the one.” We should not impose narrow, confining one-size-fits-all expectations on people who don’t know enough about themselves to know what they need and want. They should be allowed to discover for themselves if they are monogamous, polyamorous, or what.

He says you have an ability to love more than one person, 'and I think that that ability is actually a capacity.' he says. 'My capacity for love grows with each of the people I'm intimate with'.

That is definitely the case for some people, and they should have that freedom.

Anne Hunter is the cofounder of Polyvic, victoria's polyamorous community. She says like monogamy, polamory isn't for everyone.

'So i wouldn't say monogamy doesn't work', she says. 'I would say that the way it is being practiced by a lot of people is clearly not working.'

'When you look at the rates of infidelity and the number of things that get repressed that then burst out in infidelity.'

True, that. There’s audio and/or video at the link.
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