Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She’s Interested in Polygamy, Cites the Browns

WhatAMadWorldWeAre, a woman in her early 20s, wrote being interested in polygamy

I think the idea of sharing your love with others is splendid. I would love to learn and understand more about the culture. I think it's a neautiful thing for families that can handle being in a large setting like that. I really want to marry Kody, Meri, Janelle, Robin, and Christine from 'Sister Wives'. I think they are so amazing and strong for going through the public turmoil.

As I understand it, each woman is married to Kody, but none of the women are married to each other (there's only one legally recognize marriage there, unfortunately). Under full marriage equality, they would not only be able to each marry Kody, but could aso marry one of all of the other women. And of course, if they so desired, they could marry other people as well.

CPTMac answered…

My wife and I are looking for another woman to share our lives with. We have discussed the idea of her having a sister wife and we both agree that the family would be stronger. If you are truly interested, just let me know and we can start talking and see if we "hit it off". I will send you my email if you respond to this (and want to talk).

This could be the start of something.

And again we see the positive influence of “Sister Wives.”
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