Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still No Good Reason to Deny Freedom to Marry

Discussions about the legal and social phohibitions against consensual incest (consanguineous sex and consanguinamory) seem to pop up everywhere. I think this is a good thing, because over and over again, it demonstrates that there is no legitimate, rational basis to deny consenting adults their right to love, sex, and marriage. Usually, someone will note the lack of such basis, and those who support the denial of rights will counter with “I would’t want to do it” or “Gross!” or some other response that doesn’t provide a good reason to perpetuate the unjust laws and social prohibitions.

Another recent example of this is this discussion at “” Johnny Green VI wrote…

I Don't See Anything Immoral About Incestuous Sex

If it's consensual between two family members, how is there any harm to anyone? I just don't understand how society can try and tell someone who it is and isn't acceptable to have sex with.

I have yet to read a valid argument as to why incest is wrong.

This challenge to provide a valid argument went unmet, the last I checked the discussion. Thankfully, some allies checked in.

Louis Cipher…

2 adults should be able to do what they wanna do....this used to be common practice in royal families...

***cue somebody with bull---- superstitions about 3 headed babies***

I clarify that there shouldn’t be a a limit on number, either.

Johnny Green VI responded to a woman who wrote that should could never understand wanting to have sex with her brother...

Jonesy, what if your brother wasn't a slut, what if he was everything you envision that a man should be. He had the looks, the intelligence, strong family values, he had respect for himself and other, carried himself with a sense of style and class. And one night after the two of you had shared some drinks, the ripple is running through your veins and you feeling slightly tipsy, you lose your balance and fall, and like a handsome knight in shining armor to save the damsel in distress....your brother is there to catch you as you fall and in your head you hear the tune " if you fall I will catch you time after time, I will be waiting time after time" at that exact moment. You then look up and you and your brother's eyes lock as if it were fate and for that moment, just that moment each of you forget that you're brother and sister but you're now just man and woman. You're raising up and he's leaning downward, your lips are coming closer and closer to each other's.

Is you two kissing or what?


Word, I'm attracted to attractive females. So, if a female is attractive, I don't think "Oh, I can't be attracted to her unless I know her complete genealogy first.".

What I'm saying is:
[Sexy picture of attractive woman]

^^^If she was somehow my cousin or sister, I'd smash.
People who are happily engaged in consanguinamory should not be prosecuted by the law, or persecuted by others. They should have the freedom to marry.
— — —

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