Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loving Marriages Are Not Freakish

Kellie Herson, while referring to TLC programming as a “freakshow,” still shows that “Sister Wives” helps to teach people that polygyny is not strange.

I hate all these shows, and I feel weird and guilty watching them, and yet every Sunday night, you will invariably find at least two of my housemates and me watching TLC with our mouths hanging open, appreciating what we lovingly refer to as the "Sunday Night Freakshow."

The lineup seems to switch up every week, although Sister Wives has a fairly consistent presence. I think the point of this show is to give the people it documents (a polygamist family) an avenue by which to make polygamy seem normal and non-scary by explaining that polygamists don't have orgies.

In fact, these polygamists are pretty damn boring.

Real family life and real marriages can be boring, especially to outside observers. What is important to see and keep in mind is that it harms nobody to allow consenting adults their rights to love, sex, and marriage. Loving relationships don't make people freaks.
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