Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Possible Case of GSA Leads to Father-Daughter Consanguinamory

Anna1981 wrote in the forum

After my parents divorce, my mother took my siblings and I to another state. We lost contact with my father. A year ago, I found him on Facebook and we began an email relationship which thrived. Six months ago we traveled about 100 miles to see each other. It was a great reunion. About three months ago, during an email conversation about our own personal basically, non-existent sex lives, he revealed he had a sexual attraction to me. I had also had one for him, but of course was ashamed and hadn't told anyone. Less than a month later we were in bed together and have been seeing each other personally and sexually since.

She concluded…

I don't know how it's going to continue or end, but currently we are both very happy.

They are happy together and there is no reason they shouldn’t be allowed. This is yet another example of how laws and other forms of prejudice interfere with the happiness of adults. Anna and her father should not only have no fear of prosecution, they should be allowed to marry if they want.
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