Thursday, April 7, 2011

They Have Kids, But Others Shouldn't Be Allowed?

Katherine Wise Collins at referenced the love of Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan to start a discussion.

It would have been a beautiful reunion story.

It IS a beautiful reunion story.

It is beyond disturbing and completely and utterly unfathomable to me that something like this could happen, but they act as if it's the most natural, beautiful thing in the world.

For them, it is. You’re free not to do the same thing.

This attraction may or may not be a real thing, I don't care. Even if you're attracted to someone, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SLEEP WITH THEM. Keep your feelings repressed and move on.

Adults have the right to love, sex, and marriage. You don’t get to tell someone they can’t be with someone of a different generation, or different race, or same sex, or close relation.

Only it's illegal ... and disgusting.

It’s illegal in many places, yes. But laws have been wrong before, haven’t they? It is disgusting to you. Some people are disgusted by heterosexual sex between people who aren’t closely related.

I'm sure it's tough to grow up without a father, but it still doesn't excuse or explain such a relationship.

No excuse is necessary. Do you offer and excuse for your relationship?

Do you think this father and daughter should be allowed to raise their child, who is a result of incest?

Of course they should. Why should a child be denied his or her parents, as long as those parents are taking care of the child’s needs?

There was a lot of ignorance and hafetul prejudice in the responses. Some are quite hypocritical, not wanting other people to be able to have and raise children as they themselves are doing.

That is so sick. It's bad enough when it happens because they don't know, but when they do??? Makes you wonder if he'd have molested her if he had been allowed to raise her?

There’s no indication he’s a pedophile or rapist. He’s attracted to another adult.

Or if he'll have this "GSA" when the baby is born, and as it's growing up?

GSA is real. There is overwhelming evidence of this. One of the aspects of GSA is separation and reunion. That doesn't happen when one person is helping to raise another or people are being raised together. And again, there is no indication this man is a pedophile.

An ally, Rebecca, wrote…

Two consenting adults...they can do what they want. I think it's yucky and I'd worry about the baby having genetic problems. However, I don't think the very odd and yucky circumstances that brought the child into the world mean they will in any way abuse or neglect it.

Thank you, but be assured the risk of genetic problems is low.

Later, she wrote…

Um, people who have a history of birth defects or genetic problems in their families have babies all the time. Not that I'm saying that's a good thing but really, I don't hear people saying their kids should be taken away because of it. Are they not fit either?

Thanks again!

She wrote again…

If this was two unrelated people who both carried the genetic markers for a disease that was not fatal but might cause birth defects, they were aware of this and they still had a child - would people still be saying they need that child taken away or that they will abuse the child?

Some might. People like to tell others how to parent.

As someone who has always defending the concept of two consenting adults can do what they want, marry who they like and have children in the home regardless of how disgusting some might find who they have sex with....I gotta say, or I'm a hypocrite, that (as much as it make me wanna barf) they (even if it is now illegal) have the right to do so.

That’s solidarity. Thanks for that.
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