Friday, April 8, 2011

Defending Consensual Incest

This blogger gave a speech in class about consanguineous sex, countering the idea that it should be illegal.

In the twenty first century family, we have made progress in leaps and bounds. Interracial couples are accepted, gay rights are improving and “acceptance” is the catch-cry of our generation. But it seems strange that while we have come so far in breaking down these social barriers, we have built other walls. Incest, which was common amongst Ancient Egyptians and monarchs up until a few hundred years ago, is now a social taboo—I doubt a single person in this room is comfortable with the concept.

Actually, there was probably someone in the room with positive personal experiences. What they might not be comfortable doing, is speaking up and saying so.

This is a topic that upsets a lot of people. I want to outline before I begin that incest is a separate situation from abuse, paedophilia, or rape. In no situation would I condone a child being raised in a household where they feel pressured to enter into a sexual relationship with their family members. That has obvious detrimental psychological effects, and can damage a person in later life. What I am going to refer to today is informed, consensual relationships between two adults.

I generally wouldn’t limit it to two, but that can be handy for the sake of an argument. The blogger then goes on to address “scientific, legal and religious” arguments against consanguineous sex.

The main argument presented to condemn incest is that children borne of incestuous couples have a higher risk of genetic defects.

That's Discredited Argument #18.

When a middle aged woman falls pregnant, it’s considered a miracle. When two cousins have children, a social crime.

In some places, it is a legal crime, too. It shouldn’t be.

In Australia, it is legal for cousins to marry, and to have children. In no state is it legal to marry or have sexual relations with a first-degree relation: that is, a sibling or a parent. In some states relationships with nieces, nephews, uncles or aunts is also illegal. The thing that really stands out though is that no matter the situation, two or more convictions for incest puts you on the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of your life. “Consent” is not a valid defence. The love of your life can be standing in a witness box, telling the court he loves you, and that it was consensual, but it doesn’t matter.

It is outrageous. And sometimes someone puts themselves at risk for being imprisoned and branded if they tell the truth of being in love with their close family member, attempting to defend them in court. This adds pressure to keep quiet or agree to lie about the relationship.

It’s a great speech. This blogger adds

Incest is mainly illegal because there’s a law saying it is. It’s not exactly harmful to participants or their children. You just have to remember that incest and abuse are not synonyms.

Thank you! It is good to see people defending the rights of consenting adults to love, sex, and marriage.
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  1. I'd go a step further and say that as a youth I'd have been happy to have had sex with more adults then I did. Provided it was in a loving caring familial unit, ( or not )and they had at least my basic interests at heart . It would have been preferable to the cold hateful and at times downright psychopathic enviorment I suffered thru as a youth. As in all things however the control of absolutists must be total and unquestioned .Well as a 12 year old I wanted and activly seeked out sex . And as with many thousands like me, and of both genders the absolutists dearly wish that wasnt so .They would change nature itself only if to strengthen their absolute hold on everything . And this is the reason they will fail.

  2. Just to inform everyone, but that tumblr post has been taken down, unfortunately.

  3. incest should be legal only if the participants are not you sister,brother,dad or mom this to prevent genetic disorders and mutations their siblings.

    1. I just addressed this on Tumblr:


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