Wednesday, April 13, 2011

George Macintosh Gives Closing Argument For Equality

Kudos to George Macintosh for his excellent closing argument in the Canadian poly trial for the polygamous freedom to marry. You should read all of his quotes in this article.

George Macintosh says removing polygamy from the Criminal Code would have the same positive effect as the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1969.

"In this sense, (the anti-polygamy law) is precisely the same as the law against homosexual sex, which was struck down in Canada 42 years ago," Macintosh said Tuesday during his final arguments at a landmark B.C. court case.

"Only then could gays and lesbians begin to live a life with dignity."

As we all know, although “gay/lesbian/bisexual or heterosexual” is a different category than “monogamous or polygamous,” but both categories involve the rights of consenting adults to love the person(s) they do in the way best for them. There are gay monogamists and heterosexual polygamists, and heterosexual monogamists and gay polygamists. All should have the freedom to marry.

"The criminalization of polygamy is perpetuating prejudice and perpetuating stereotyping," he said. "The criminalization of polygamy has been used to target groups that are already disadvantaged. The clearest examples are fundamentalist Mormons and aboriginal persons."

The law shouldn't be used to disadvantage minorities and make them second class citizens.

He also argued the polygamy law is an unfair intrusion into the sexual lives of consenting adults.

"The law has generally not punished adultery, despite the enormous costs it can entail. Nor does the law prohibit group sex or swinging if it is done in private," he said.

"But it is criminal for them to form a conjugal union."

The sensible thing is to move towards full marriage equality.
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