Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latino Cousins

At Things Latinos Love or Hate, the writer claims that Latinos “love incest.”

I know, I know, it is WRONG, and abominable, but it is the TRUTH!

Consanguinamory is not wrong per se.

Latinos practice incest. We are sure somebody in your family or someone you know married a relative/cousin. That is where the old saying came about “Los primos se esprimen.” Don’t persecute us, we did not make the rules. We are the new generation, we blame our parents, the baby boomers who got fed up with all of the wars, and decided to do a bit of disruption of their own. I am not advocating it, but c’mon now, Latinos are good looking people. Incest is bound to happen especially when there are good genes in the family. Blame our DNA! There are times we have family reunions, you finally get to meet your uber handsome third cousin who you had no idea existed until now, and you ask, “Third cousin is not really related right?” And one of your shameless relatives will respond, “You share a little teeny tiny bit of blood, but not much, go for it chica!”

In many US states, first cousins can have a heterosexual marriage, provided neither one is already married. In Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, same-sex first cousins can also marry, provided neither one is already married. Heterosexual first-cousin marriages are valid and widely practiced in many countries around the world.
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