Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does Japanese Culture Promote Consanguinamory More?

Someone asked, "Why does Japan seemingly market incestuous relationships?”

I have seen that it seems in Japanese culture, whether that be values, common, media, they seemingly advertise sex among blood relations, close relatives. or non-blood near relationships.

Examples like love-hotel and the television sequence Kiss X Sis, would seem just SICKENING to me. I am just curious although as to why they go to these extent to encourage it.

I can understand that some people find some form of consensual sex sickening. Different people may be sickened by different things. That is their own issue, as long as they do not try to stop others.

I’m not sure if there is more of a depiction of consanguineous sex and consanguinamory in Japanese media than the media of other cultures, but certainly there is no small amount.

Instances of sex between close relatives, such as siblings, are not uncommon anywhere in the world. Many people have engaged in such activity, whether as youthful experimentation, part of a lifelong love, or something between. And many who haven’t have wanted to.

A response came from a Japanese person…

It is just culturally prohibited but not legislated. There is no law by government.

Incestuous relationships is very troublesome to handle as a crime, it is because the relationship is very close, then it is family themselves who take the worst damage. If the victim is children, the father/mother is arrested, but how children could live with everyone/people lives in same district knowing that happening. So it is rubbed out.

Child abuse should be talked about. It should be prosecuted. Consensual sex should not be prosecuted.

I think Japanese love to see such prohibited affair. For example, samurai fall in love with a farmer, or affair with customer’s lady. I think incestuous relationships is just a kind of such fetishism.

For some it is a fetish. For others, it is a natural curiosity or development in their lives.

The sex police have made consanguineous sex and consanguinamory taboo, yet media documenting or portraying these things is in high demand. Perhaps the social prohibitions have made them more interesting and exciting? Perhaps people who have engaged in such relationships, or want to, appreciate knowing that they are not alone? There is a long tradition in media of portraying lovers someone else wants to keep apart; lovers who feel pressure to hide their love. Given the laws and prejudice against consanguinamory, a story that contains it can easily use it as a major plot device.
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  1. Shouldn't "consanguinarmory" be "consanguinamory"? Armory is a place where weapons are stored, vs. -amory which refers to love...

  2. Gah! You're right. I have some editing to do. I didn't mean to have that "r" in the word. That's what I get for trying to coin a word. Actually, given their struggles, I suppose the "r" can be appropriate. Was that Frodoian slip? (I kid.)


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