Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CPAA Lawyer Argues For Equality

Another report from the closing arguments of the Canadian poly trial.

A lawyer for so-called polyamorists says their non-religious, egalitarian relationships are the "Achilles heel" in the governments' defence of the anti-polygamy law.

“So-called?” If they need to qualify it, how about “self-described” or “self-identified?”

Their lawyer, John Ince, says the group conducted a survey of polyamorists in Canada and received about 560 responses - far more than the estimated 100 polygamists living in the controversial religious commune of Bountiful, B.C.

Poly people are everywhere. Most hide the fact that they are poly, at least from those who aren’t, because of discrimination perpetuated in part by the very law in question.

The provincial and federal governments have justified the law by pointing to allegations of abuse in Bountiful, but Ince says those stories don't describe the caring, committed relationship of polyamorists.

He says the current polygamy law appears to criminalize polyamorists, which he says makes it difficult for them to live openly and puts them in constant fear of authorities, especially when it comes to custody of their children.

It’s time to let people love each other openly, and marry each other if they want. The court should do the right thing and rule for this freedom to marry.
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