Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robert Wickett Argues Against Guilt by Association

Representing the FLDS in the Canadian poly trial, Robert Wickett argues against guilt by association, against blaming polygamy for the things only some individuals may have done, and against tearing families apart.

“This church, like any other, is comprised of a vast variety of people. Most are hard-working, law abiding citizens. Some may have committed crimes, but it would be wrong to visit the crimes of some upon an entire community.”

Isn’t that a basic notion of justice?

Mr. Wickett said if the law is upheld, those families would have two choices: they could either voluntarily end their marriages, in some cases separating children from their parents, or face criminal charges.

“I urge you to consider the impact of those inevitable prosecutions upon the families in Bountiful,” Mr. Wickett told Chief Justice Robert Bauman.

The law would “dismember their families.”

The law banning polygamous marriages must be thrown out. Adults should have the freedom to marry.
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