Monday, April 25, 2011

Slamming Those Experiencing GSA

Writing about consanguinamorous father and dauther Garry Ryan and Penny Lawrence, David wrote “Some Call It Genetic Sexual Attraction, Incest By Any Other Name Is Still Incest.” Slams like this one ignore the fact that some people experiencing GSA do not even engage in sexual behavior with close biological relatives.

The BU household immediately thought, oh my gosh, how disgusting!

To each his own. Some people are digusted by the thought of any sex between men, others by the thought of any sex between a man and a woman, others by the idea of sex at all. Some people are digusted by the idea of eating spinach, others by the idea of eating meat. To each his own.

To the old fashion BU household we believe what we have here is incest, pure and simple.

Well, yes, it is incest. It is also intercourse. So what? Is this some attempt to equate this with incestuous child rape, which is something entirely different than consanguinamory between adults?

Older Barbadians would understand the term inbreeding and the attendant issues of physical defects passed on often times to the offspring.

That’s Discredited Argument #18.

Some will offer the excuse that this kind of thing has been happening for a long time.

Consensual relationships between adults should not need an excuse.

Nowadays it appears the same behaviour is worn as if it were a badge of honour.

If people have found love with each other, that’s a great thing. Why deny that to someone? Envy? Jealousy?

The writer never explains his disbelief in the claim of GSA. Mostly what we see here and in other writings from others is a lot of bluster about being disgusted. What if someone took to their blogs to write about how disgusted they were by David’s love life?
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