Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The US Has Always Had Polygamy

But it has long been illegal. Over at this blog, the writer discusses legalizing polygamy in the US and making things better as a result.

There are all forms of what would tantamount to polygamy going on in the United States.

Polygamy is defined by as “1: the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, esp. wife, at one time. 2: the habit or system of mating with more than one individual, either simultaneously or successively.”

From this definition one can clearly see the practice of polygamy going on in the United States without being in the traditional or Biblical Old Testament form of polygamy.

We should at least give people the option of raising these children in marriage.

The constitution grants the freedom of religion, yet within the same constitution, polygamy is illegal.

The American Constitution clearly grants the freedom of religion, but polygamy is not mentioned directly. Nor is monogamy. It would fall under equal protection. Under equal protection and the freedoms of religion and association, polygamy should be allowed.

The United States makes a great show of monogamy yet unofficially practice polygamy in so many ways. We are all aware of the role mistress’s play in our society. There are so many politicians and athletes who have mistresses and cheated against their spouses with other people. In some instances they cheat with people of the same sex.

This is one way polygamy can actually bring more order and stability and equality. Rather than only two people being legal spouses to each other and the rest of the people they are involved with (with the understanding of both spouses) being second-class citizens, everyone can be treated equally.

The blogger writes from experience…

I came from a polygamous family myself. My late dad had two wives and my mother is the second surviving wife. In the African culture, it is allowed but it doesn’t mean any man can go out there and accumulate wives without being responsible for the upbringing and provision for his household. It is an obligation, which must be fulfilled in all circumstances. There are men out there paying child support to numerous women and in some instances are dead beat dads. If the practice of polygamy was legalized I believe that it would drastically reduce some divorce situations which main objective is to gain financially from one of the spouse involved. My concluding question is what is the difference when a man is legally married and yet father’s multiple children outside of the marriage?

The difference, of course, is that it is likely the children whose mothers aren’t considered the man’s legal spouse suffer. No, not all of these people would be married togther if they could, but some would. And why should they be stopped? This is also the problem children of same-sex couples are facing in most states, where same-sex marriage is still banned, and children being raised by close family members who aren’t allowed to legally marry. Full marriage equality will be better for the adults and the children. Rather than trying to force everyone into one narrow form of marriage, which is clearly contributing to the high divorce rate, why not allow adults to choose for themselves?
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