Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anitequality in Canada

The Edmonton Journal printed a letter back in October from anti-equality Nancy Mereska, who wants to deny poly people the freedom to marry.

Polygamy fosters tribalism.

This is an assertion with no basis in fact. Modern polygamy can actually speed the intregration of society. Even in ancient times, it was a way that royalty fostered ties between countries.

It creates bands of rogue young men who, denied of a wife, form angry gangs of ill repute, gangs that feed on the thoughts of war, not peace.

If a man is likely to be the type of person who would join such a gang and do such things, no wonder a woman or another man wouldn’t choose to marry him. People should be free to choose their spouses, even if that spouse will have another spouse. And a good spouse you share is better than one to yourself who is prone to criminality.

Tribalism leads to anarchy. Anarchy destroys a democratic society.

Where has polygamy ever led to anarchy? "it will lead to theocracy!" "It will lead to anarcy!" Make up your closed, narrow minds - which is it?

Just admit that you’re prejudiced and you want to impose your beliefs on others.
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