Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love is Love

At the GSA forum, wanttobeheld wrote of her consanguineous love…

I'm in the depths of emotional despair atm, but whilst preparing dinner tonight, I had a moment to reflect on meetings past with my father, and the things that attracted him to me.

So, in an attempt to brighten our collective moods, how about we post a few snippets about what it was that had you falling in love in your GA relationship ?

For me,
- our similar intellect and ability to converse on an intelligent level
- the similarities in our looks. Finally, someone who looked like me !
- the smell. I've said it before, but *nothing* compares to knowing that smell, and the sense of belonging it brought.
- the similarities in interests - from food, to career choices, to television shows, to movies, to, well, everything !
- the unconditional love. Having come from a less than loving adoptive family, knowing that my father loved me unconditionally was like having a warm blanket wrapped around me in my worst moments.

redwitch responded…

What attracted me to him?
Well..the smile..He looks absolutly nothing like me..He is tall, has deep grey eyes, dark straight hair..while my eyes are a boring brown, my hair curly, and it's colour changes with every,his different looks is a big turn on for me..
His atitude.Totally different from mine.I like spontaneus, new things,living to the extreme.He is dependable,a shoulder to rely on, who if has something in his mind will stop at nothing to get it, and will fight to the very last breath if he wants something.
His smell..I have never in my life sensed something that smells so good.Mix chocklate and a bit of spice and bit of mint and you have his smell..If that's not addicting God knows what is.
His touch.He seems to know exactly where I want to be touched and how.Not sexual.Necceserilly.But hug if I need it,handholding if that, or kissing.
He has the habbit of holding me in his arms at night,and I always hated that,except when he did it.If that is not a sign I don't know what is


Well, I would have to say at first it was his voice. His voice has this sound to it that viberates, and it gives me chills still. When we got closer it was his touch. The warmth that flooded me when he touched my arm,my hand, or had his are around me. Then his smell, oh my God his smell... he smells like hazelnut. Delicious. Then when our smells mingle, hazelnut, vanilla, and chocolate. When he looks at me, and his eyes are full of admiration, love, happiness, and passion. It amazes me. I love the way he's open with his feelings to me, and doesn't try to be tough. I see his fears, pain, and courage. I see his human side. I love him. Even when we're mad at each other, or when I second guess us, my thought is I don't want to live without him. I love him. I would have to say everything made me fall, and I never want to look back. He's my everything

I wanted post these quotes because it is important to see that these people are or were in love and it is wrong to harass them or deny their their rights to love, sex, and marriage, if that is what they want. Those who want to deny them those things should have to look them in the face and explain their cruel position.
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