Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Any Good Reason to Ban Polygamy?

Someone asked “Should Polygamy Be Legalized? Why Or Why Not?”

While I disagree with polygamy, I do feel that it should be legalized. It isn’t my right or anyone else’s to deprive someone of their own lifestyle if it doesn’t even effect anyone else. It doesn’t hurt anyone, so why would you just take something away from people?

It is always nice to see someone explain why they are an ally.

Which is why gay marriage should also be allowed!


However, I think that after legalization there would need to be laws put in place that only 1 husband and 1 wife can do their taxes, apply for food stamps/welfare, etc. This way, people aren’t just marrying multiple people to get more money back from the government (which I think would be the case if it were legalized).

Those are separate issues. Let the laws catch up with rights. Never let the secondary logistics be an excuse to deny rights.

What comments were made to this?


If polygamy was legalized verses decriminalized, multiple partners could legally cross marry with other multiple partners to create family units that would number into the hundreds or even thousands!

It is very unlikely that many marriages would be formed between hundreds of people. Marriage is a big deal, and people aren't just going to marry a whole bunch of other people on a whim.

In Canada Winston Blackmore at one time had 27 wives and when they previously legalized same sex marriages, he instructed 2 of his spiritual wives to marry each other and they did!

And this hurt you… how?

One of those was not a legal citizen and that marriage circumvented Canada’s immigration laws.

And this hurt you… how?

Religious leaders like David Koresh, James D. Harmston, “Jim” Jones, Kenyon Blackmore and others who preached the “pure seed” doctrine would marry ALL the female church members, depriving men followers of their wife and children, in this any thing goes belief.

Religious affiliation is voluntary. If the other men want to stick around for that, that is their choice.

Kenyon married his own biological daughter at age 12, on the “pure seed” doctrine, believing Marry, mother of Jesus was 12 years old at conception.

That is why there are age of consent laws. Kenyon could have done this with her being his only wife, too.

A now deceased polygamist I had many conversation with (Jack Cooke), had 66 children by 5 wives, he barely new the names, he couldn’t remember their ages or birth dates! Is this how children should be nurtured?

In a cooperative environment with parents and a roof over their heads? Yes.

There are endless legal issues as well. Divorce and child or spousal support, if one in 27 wives leaves, what percentage of assets should she get?

Whatever is determined by law or agreement. Someone entering and leaving a marriage would be doing so knowing the conditions, and doing so voluntarily.

To be fair, can women have plural husbands?


I am POST certified in Sex Crimes Investigations, does any one here know what necrophilia is?

So you’re saying we can’t have marriage equality because it will lead to what amounts to using a corpse as a sex toy? Huh?

Anonymous was well-meaning but sexist…

Yes, as long as the man has the capacity to support his wives (be extremely rich, tolerant, etc).

Polygamy can be any combination of genders, or involve just one gender.

Another Anonymous…

There are laws in place that recognize just two spouses in a co-equal partners legally. That’s what marraige is, a legal contract. People are allowed to practice polyamory, if they choose. But the legal rights and responsibilities don’t scale to a group.

A couple is the smallest form of a group. So yes, legal rights and responsibilities do scale to a group, which is also why same-sex marriage can’t be banned.


To me it seems as if polygamy just turns people into property and degrades the women involved. So I think it would be abused if it became legal.

Whether or not it is legal will have little to do with whether or not it will be abused. Actually, keeping it illegal makes it harder for those who are in abusive relationships to get help.


It’s none of my business what other people do as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

Thank you!


One woman is enough for any man to deal with considering all of the psychotic “needs” every woman comes up with.

So you don’t like women. Fine. Nobody will force you to marry any.


You realize, of course, that practicing a polygamist lifestyle is not actually illegal.

Actually, it is in some places.

A man can still legally live in the same house as 5 other women and raise kids with each of them. He can also legally have a “marriage” ceremony to yet another wife, as a matter of free speech… but no state would recognize it as a valid marriage.

The state should, though, in the name of equality. Think about it. What if you said, African-Americans and whites can live in the same house and raise kids and have a “marriage” ceremony, but it is okay for the state not to recognize their marriage.

We see again that the denial of the right to marry is mostly based on the same excuses for what amounts to prejudice.
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