Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank You, Dear Margo

Old fogies, and perhaps people who aren’t so old, may remember advice columnist Ann Landers. These days, her daughter Margo Howard has a column, “Dear Margo.” This one contains a reminder of the importance of solidarity. Elizabeth wrote…

As a bi woman, I’ve encountered prejudice from homosexuals and heterosexuals.

I was startled and hurt the first time I heard a rant against bisexuality from a lesbian (on a gay and lesbian radio program, no less). Although there is less hostility now, the ugly misconceptions just do not seem to falter.

Unfortunately, prejudice abounds, perpetuated even by people who experience it themselves. There are monogamous heterosexual people who dismiss any other orientation, dismiss polyamory, and consanguineous love. There are lesbians who dismiss heterosexuals, bisexuals, and even gay men, and gay men who dismiss everyone else. There are people experiencing GSA-fueled consanguineous relationships who condemn, say, sibling couples who grew up together. And yes, there are gay men, lesbians, and heterosexuals who ridicule bisexuals. It is really sad. On the bright side, in every sense of that phrase, there are allies, including monogamous heterosexuals who support full marriage equality.

The harder society makes it for people to acknowledge their non-heterosexuality, the more desperate people there will be.

Agreed. So many problems experienced by those who don't have the freedom to marry is caused not by their relationships or orientation, but by the biogtry of others. We should all support the right of consenting adults to love, sex, and marriage, even if we don’t understand why they are attracted to the person(s) to whom they are attracted.

Do you see an end to all this commotion about people’s sexuality?

We’re making progress. Hang in there, Elizabeth.

Margo says…

Me, I’m for "live and let live."

Doesn’t that make sense?
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