Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Consenting Adults Criminally Charged For Sex

This story from Australia goes back to March of 2009.

The death of a baby born to a Central Highlands brother and sister was how police first discovered their incestuous relationship.

It was the couple's second child together.

The first child is living with them. The article gives no indication that they are accused of being unfit parents, or that their first child has any problems.

Yesterday the 36-year-old woman and the 34-year-old man admitted to their forbidden relationship in Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

I just can’t imagine setting up on the bench in a black robe and judging consenting adults for the “crime” of having sex together, especially in what appears to be an ongoing, loving marital relationship.

It's believed the couple are still in a relationship and are raising their first-born child together.

They cannot be named by law to protect the identity of their living child.

Both were charged and entered guilty pleas yesterday to two counts of incest between 2003 and 2005.


Police said the relationship came to light after the baby died.

DNA tests revealed the parents were siblings.

Details surrounding the baby's death were not released in court yesterday.

So there’s no indication given in the article that the second child died from birth defects. These siblings are in love and sharing a life. They should be married by their government, not prosecuted.
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  1. They wouldn't have done genetic testing if the cause of death was obvious.


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