Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Polyamory on Yahoo Answers

Someone asked on Yahoo Answers

What does everyone think about polyamory?

Let's see how the responses turned out.

One response was typical of the prejudiced…

sounds like an excuse for being sIutamory.

This is ignorance and bigotry. Assuming this person means “having multiple sex partners,” there are poly people who, over the course of their lives, have many fewer sex partners than some people who don’t identify as polyamorous. A person can be poly and have just two sex partners for an entire life, or even just one sex partner and someone else with whom he or she has nonsexual intimacy. But the number of sex partners someone has is nobody else’s business.

Another response…

I've researched it. Not my cup of tea. However, what legal consenting adults choose to do is their business. Depending on the functionality and healthiness of the adults depends on how healthy the children will turn out.

Thank you!


To each, their long as those involved in such a relationship are okay with it, then it's just as valid a way of life as monogamy...

Thank you, too!


I have no problem with polyamory. My problem is with those that engage in it and are derogatory towards my chosen lifestyle, monogamy.

Some poly people are. I’d say most aren’t.

Someone with experience added…

I think it's a wonderful idea, as long as you understand what you're getting into, and really do value love shared by many.


I can't understand how anyone can think its selfish or disgusting or ridiculous or the same as cheating, and I've yet to hear a convincing arguent.

Disgust is sometimes based on irrational feelings, not on reason. People are allowed their feelings. But they shouldn't use their disgust to deny equality.

We can both love another without diminishing our love for each other.

This is something some people deny, and yet they may insist that having more children hasn’t diminished the love for the children they had before. I respect someone who says it isn’t for them. What I do not respect is telling other people it can’t work them for them or shouldn’t be allowed.

If monogamy works for you, fine. It isn’t what everyone needs.

If being strictly heterosexual works for you, fine. It isn’t how everyone was born.

If you are disgusted by the idea of consenting adults who are different races loving each other, then you’re free to only love people of your own race.

If you are disgusted by the idea of consenting adults cousins or closer relatives loving each other, then you’re free not to have a consanguineous relationship.

But respect and support the rights of others to love as they do.
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  1. Yahoo answers is full of hate and bigotry.
    My husband posts on there all the time primarily on topics such as polyamory, swinging, bisexuality, freedoms, and relationships.
    Some of the responses I see , and advice given by people is actually scary it is so skewed with hatred and based on lack of knowledge.

  2. Swing Girl,

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, there is so much of the negativity out there. Sometimes people come in and shame the haters by challenging their false assumptions, prejudices, and ignorance. That keeps me going back to discussions like that.


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