Monday, November 22, 2010

Time For the Canadian Poly Trial

Today is the day that arguments begin in the Canadia polygamy case. There has already been much media coverage. A good place to keep track of what is going on is this blog in my blogroll, which does a good job of following stories on polyamory that appear in the wider media.

From that blog

On Monday morning November 22nd, arguments will begin in a Vancouver courtroom to test the legality of Canada's 120-year old anti-polygamy and anti-polyamory law.

The law, written against Mormons in 1890, has apparently not been enforced in a lifetime and seems to conflict with Canada's newer Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now authorities are forcing the issue, following allegations that Mormon polygamist leaders are abusing women and minors in a fundamentalist sect in Bountiful, British Columbia.

Go after those who assault others. Let adults have whatever kind of marriage they want.

Polyamorists have a dog in this fight because the Canadian law is written so broadly that it includes them too, even if they make no claim to have more than one marriage — and even, the law states, if they never have sex. The offense consists merely of more than two people pledging a bond or loyalty among themselves, even informally, that could be considered "any kind of conjugal union."


From Introspection of a Plural Wife (at Heart)…

This 93-page affidavit by Jonathan Turley is a must-read for anyone who is fascinated by the legal arguments surrounding polygamy, polygyny, polyandry, polyamory. This affidavit was filed in the Canadian Polygamy Case that is set to begin November 22, 2010.

Canada was right to give (some) same-sex couples the freedom to marry. It needs to move forward towards full marriage equality, so that all couples, triads, quads, etc. can get married regardless of gender or relation. Let’s see if this trial goes the right way.
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