Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Legal Repercussion of Being Outed as Polyamorous

Polyamory Paradigm looks into legal repercussions of being outed as poly.

A while back I wrote an article explaining why I often don't use my real name for writing blogs. Sensitive topics, personal security, social discrimination, and more that I don't need to rehash here again. While discussing that article recently I heard a comment I found interesting. A friend said, "I could lose my license for being Poly".


I didn't argue since I don't have much experience with professional licenses. I did ask a few questions though. Basically what I was hearing is that licenses, such as the different types issued for massage and counseling, could be revoked is a person was found to be polyamorous.

While some licenses in some states are unlikely to be revoked, as the entry notes, child custody can be a different matter. It would be great if we could have a law or court decision that would make it clear that consenting adults have a right to love, sex, and marriage, and protect them from things like loss of license, custody, or job based on being poly.
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