Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall of Reynolds Looks at Attacks on Polygamy

The Fall of Reynolds, which is dedicated to overturning the 1879 US court decision banning polygamy, is following what’s going on in the Canadian courts, and counters the usual attacks on polygamy. Here is just a taste.

The rather amateurish lawyers and advocates who are crying for the preservation of Canada's anti-polygamy law (S.293) have a similarly steep hill to climb. It appears they have two possible angles of attack when challenging the practice of polygamy:

1. Attack the individuals who are and have been polygamists.
2. Attack the concept of polygamy.

Let's look at the first one. I know some very bad polygamist people. I know some very bad monogamist people. I know some very bad homosexual people. I know some very bad single people. Perhaps we should ban polygamy, monogamy, homosexuality, and celibacy, then there would be no bad people anymore. Just because a polygamous guy raped his ten-year-old daughter (this is a hypothetical) last year, should we say that empirical and anecdotal data demonstrate that polygamists are child-molesters?

It is guilt-by-association. It might make for interesting news, but it shouldn’t prevent marriage equality.

About the second angle, the writer says…

You have to seriously want to distort truth in order to seize control over other people's lives. You have to believe that you know best how to run other people's families.

That is what antiequality people think. They think they know what is best for everyone, and they want to punish people who don’t choose the same way that they choose.

Don’t deny the freedom to marry to any consenting adults. Support full marriage equality.
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