Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triad Featured in the News

This article in an Australian news source says “three is the new two” as it profiles a three people in a polyamorous relationship, using pseudonyms.

Mari (a 33-year-old student doing her second degree), Sara (a 32-year-old uni lecturer) and David (a 35-year-old IT geek) have been a sexually monogamous, three-way unit for six years.

They are not religious, they're not cult members and they're not even that into group sex.

They just happened to all fall in love with each other at roughly the same time.

For the most part, the Brisbane trio have kept the details of their polyamorous private life to themselves. But they are slowly coming out of the closet now.

Good for them. I hope they find acceptance.

Telling people about their super-sized relationship is complicated by a lack of unloaded language options. Threesome sounds too sexy and there is no triplicate version of the word couple.


Polyamory, also known as ethical non-monogamy, is billed by many activists as the new gay; the next sexual revolution. It's separate from swinging, in that (as the Latin root suggests) emotion is involved. Its also very different to religious polygamy such as that portrayed on the HBO TV show Big Love.

In short: more than two people, more than just sex, God optional.

Books, blogs and academic research into the practice are all rising, as is the predictable outrage from traditionalists and even from some non-traditionalists who say the trend muddies the gay marriage debate.

Muddies? It’s great that more people are getting the freedom to marry, but we need full marriage equality. If consenting adults should be allowed to marry, why carve out a denial of that right when it comes to polamory, which is as ancient as people (or some other animals)? If Mari can marry Sara, or she can marry David, why can’t she marry both at the same time? It is that simple.

The article then goes on to the Canadian trial for a bit before explaining more about the featured family.
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