Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep Updated on the Canadian Poly Trial

This blog exists to argue for the rights of consenting adults to love, sex, and marriage: full marriage equality. Two of the many dimensions of that include the right to live together or not in a polyamorous relationship (which is illegal in some places), and the right to marry more than one person (polygamy, which is illegal in may more places). So it is with great interest that we are following the trial underway in Canada that may remove the laws that exist against this freedom to marry.

I can’t outdo the coverage being provided by some of my favorite blogs, so I’m giving this reminder to check these blogs for updates:

Escape to Polygamy
Dear Polly Amorie
Polyamory Paradigm
Polyamory in the News
Introspections of a Plural Wife (at Heart)
Looking For Balance

I will also continue to look at some of the articles in the general media.

I call on same-sex couples, who only recently gained their freedom to marry in Canada, to show solidarity with same-sex and mixed-sex polycules – trios, quads, etc. – who would very much like to have their freedom to marry. Of course, mixed-sex couples and singles should show their solidarity, too. Imagine not being able to marry someone you love.
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