Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ten Reasons Why Consensual Incest Is Wrong

1) Some people get abused by relatives. That makes consensual incest wrong the same way abuse/assault by non-relatives makes sex in general wrong.

2) Many people are disgusted by the idea. If something disgusts many people, it must be wrong for everybody! People are so disgusted by the possibility of having sex with a close relative that they always get DNA tests before having sex with anyone, to just be sure they aren’t having sex with a relative.

3) It increases the risks of birth defects, and anything that does that is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed, just like we don’t allow pre-menopausal women over the age of 35 to have sex, and we don’t let anybody with obvious, serious inheritable diseases have sex. Yup, this is why it is wrong for two half-brothers to fall in love, or why stepsiblings who didn’t even meet until they were teenagers shouldn’t be together. They might make a mutant baby!

4) It’s illegal in some places, and something being illegal always makes it wrong. You know, like harboring runaway slaves? That’s why having sex with your first cousin is wrong in Texas but just fine in almost every other US state, half of which legally marry first cousins, and why consensual incest between closer family members isn’t wrong in Rhode Island, which has no laws against consensual adult incest.

5) It’s not natural, and people should only be allowed natural things, like bicycles, smart phones, and iPads. OK, maybe it is natural in some species. But we shouldn’t lower ourselves to the behavior of other animals, who make wars and pollute the planet.

6) Someone’s religion is against it. And if someone’s religion is against it, nobody else should be able to do it. You’ll never find examples of acceptable consensual incest in the Bible.

7) There are so many people you’re not closely related to. That makes consensual incest (consanguinamory) wrong, just like there being plenty of people in your own race makes interracial relationships wrong.

8) Only rural poor people would ever do such a thing, not royals or educated people. And anything done by rural poor people is wrong.

9)There is often a power differential in consensual incestuous relationships, and relationships with power differentials are just wrong. That’s why no President of the United States, Senator, Governor, judge, district attorney, or police chief has ever been married, and we bar wealthy or intelligent people from marrying someone who isn’t as wealthy or intelligent as them. Yes, power differentials are exactly why half siblings close in age, even if they didn’t meet until they were adults, shouldn’t be allowed to be together.

10) It messes up family structures and dynamics. That’s why every family’s dynamics are always required to be evaluated and corrected by outsiders, and people are never allowed to break up if a breakup will mess up the dynamics of the family. And people are never allowed to work with family members, as that could cause conflicts or too much reliance on family. Yes, messing up a family dynamic is why genetic relatives who were raised by different families should never be allowed to be together.

Yup, we need to let all of those people who’ve found that a close relative makes the best life partner for them, or perhaps just a trustworthy sexual partner, know what they are doing is wrong and they should stop, and go settle for someone else, who I’m sure will be just fine being the B-list choice for someone who’d rather be with the person they see when the family gets together. People need to make sure they aren’t doing anything that makes anyone who’s not involved uncomfortable. That needs to come before their happiness.

This bit of sarcasm is brought to you by someone who supports the rights of ALL consenting adults to their relationships with any and all consenting adults.
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  1. Yes, the arguments against consensual incest fall apart when analyzed closely. Then again, the same thing could be said for the arguments keeping any adult apart from another adult who want to be in a relationship together. We must stick together and do what we can to help more people realize that the government and society should not be able to tell adults that they cannot be together.
    -Liz Smith

  2. I like this page, sometimes sarcasm will get the point across. It highlights how illogical some people are when it comes to anything that they personally find disgusting. They'll use any argument, no matter how weak, to try to get their point across.

  3. I wish more people could open there minds

  4. I hope you don't delete this comment but I completely disagree. The reason incest is wrong is because romantic relationships are basically interpersonal relationships. The problem isn't that you're limiting genetic diversity, but that you're limiting the diversity of your social circle. Say a brother and a sister were to marry, there would be no in-laws, no new people to meet through each other. Rejecting somebody else for your own kin is isolating yourself from others. The stereotype of people in rural areas committing incest is because of geographic isolation. The only way people know each other is through family in such isolated areas. The reason for nobility to intermarry and breed is similar, class isolation. They would rather marry a cousin for the good of the nobility than let a commoner or a political enemy into the royal lineage. Lastly, incest is wrong because there are different types of love: eros, phileo, storge, and agape. To confuse phileo or storge for eros is a part of the hyper sexualization and the over romantism of romance in our society. Incestuous people don't JUST content themselves with friendship, they MUST have sex and romance, which is a wrong way to look at all of your social relationships, as if they were a shortcut to sexual pleasure. In short, the act itself isn't morally wrong, but the causes and consequences are morally dubious at best. This is not hate, so please don't delete.

  5. My name is Quasimoto. I have a bad hunch back and my daughter while pretty has the same condition. My wife jumped off the cathedral and is long dead and buried so it is just me and my daughter left in here. No one else in the village will give either of us a second look. We are lucky if the priest give us a loaf of bread a day and I can catch a rat or tui.I am not sure what phileo sorge agape or eros are, but my daughter loves me and I love her and I am not sure why you have a problem with that, unless you are in love with my daughter yourself and want to take her away from me, or in love with me and want to take me away from her. I think you are just jealous of our happiness and so want to split us up. If God hadn't wanted people to have incest, why does he make up the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible? Surely that totally made up myth in the Bible proves beyond question, that God believes in the appropriateness of adult consensual incest for certain people at certain times, and the right of two people to decide when it is appropriate for them. Just as with anti-insemination laws that were scrapped on 12th June 1967.
    So many people were unfairly jailed because some whitey 'know-it-all' decided that inter-racial sex was abnormal and disgusting and a threat to white rule, so made it illegal.
    but how can my hunchback daughter and me be a threat to this society that threatens itself with extinction anyway, with all its mad pollution and wars? We are not the threat. Society is the threat! Social relationships on one loaf of bread a day? Why not make the the causes and consequences that are morally dubious illegal and arrest them! No offense intended, but I think you may be out of touch with the wide variety of different situations that exist in the world.

  6. PS 'Just as with anti-insemination laws that were scrapped on 12th June 1967.' should read... "Just as with anti-miscegenation laws that were scrapped on 12th June 1967."


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