Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Red Button

TRIGGER WARNING: Parts of this entry will deal with SA.

There is a big difference between abuse and sex, and nothing written below is included to minimize or obscure the fact that some adults and children are abused by family members or relatives. Assault, molestation, and other forms of abuse should be vigorously prosecuted and we note that removing laws and stigmas against consensual (to be redundant) sex will make it easier to prevent and stop abuse.

On to the main point.

It has been confirmed to us by some, and in other cases we suspect:

Ridiculous laws against consanguinamory can result in everyone involved being prosecuted, so in some cases, when it looks like arrests and prosecution are likely, one person falls on their sword and falsely confesses to assaulting the other(s). The strategic thinking is that it is better only one of them go to prison and be branded a sex offender than both or all.

This means that not every news report or bit of local gossip that comes your way about someone forcing themselves on a family is really as reported.

It is outrageous that anyone would feel pressured to falsely confess to assault when there was no assault, all because of ridiculous laws against sex. Unfortunately, this is a decision some people have to make individually or with their lover(s). This blog can't make the decision for you, but if you've done this or plan to, and feel like telling us about it, you can comment anonymously or with a screen name below.

Consanguineous lovers need to protect themselves and also each other.

There is no good reason for criminalizing or perpetuating a stigma against these relationships, but until unjust laws are removed, there will be people who press the red button as a last resort to protect their lover(s) from prosecution, taking all of the criminal punishment on themselves. This is an insult to justice and an insult to survivors of abuse, and is another reason why laws against consanguineous sex must go.

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  1. consenual sex is not against the law but rape is against the law of nature.


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