Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Novels to Buy

UPDATE: Getting a lot of Game of Thrones traffic, so bumping this up. If you want some contemporary fiction with a realistic portrayal of sibling love, these novels provide that.

The two novels are now being offered as a package. "This set contains both books in The Forbidden Flower Series plus deleted chapters." Get the package for Kindle here.[Please note that "Love's Erotic Flower" was a short erotica story and was not essential to the overall timeline of the overall story.]

I’m not going to pretend I can give an unbiased review of Diane Rinella’s new book, Time’s Forbidden Flower, which completes the story began in Love’s Forbidden Flower, the novel I first blogged about here. After all, I have been in ongoing contact with Rinella and the plot of the works involves something near and dear to my heart. Also, I may have influenced this latest work. There’s a third work involved: "Love’s Erotic Flower," a short story which was released between the two novels and is a sizzling detailing of the sexual coupling (over multiple encounters) between the main characters.

One need not read the novels to enjoy "Erotic" nor read "Erotic" to enjoy the novels, but both novels should be read in sequence, and to only reason to avoid "Erotic" if you enjoy the first novel is if you hate to get aroused by fiction.

I can’t recommend all three works more strongly. I even like the cover art.

Lily and Donovan are soulmates, complete with a mutual erotic and romantic attraction. They happen to be brother and sister as well. Yes, this story involves consanguinamory, which is something some people find shocking or disgusting, but is something that is experienced on some level by enough people that you do know someone who has been, or is involved, whether you know it or not.

That’s why these works of fiction are more than just something that is engaging. They are important. They are important because there are people who will identify with the characters and will no longer feel so alone. Although the forbidden nature of the issue is addressed multiple times, the “i” word is never spoken, nor is there a lecturing of the reader on all the points you will find here. I don't recall that she ever explains that in Rhode Island, the home state of the characters, their love is not criminalized as it still is in most US states. This is a story about forbidden love from a writer with strong empathy that may get people to think and feel differently than they did when they picked it up, but not a contrived polemic.

Rinella does not chicken out by going the stepsibling route or through some other escape hatch. Lily and Donovan are blood siblings, who grew up together. However, there are twists I didn’t see coming. I thought things might go in one direction and they went another. This is not a simple straight line, but neither is it something that is convoluted to the point of losing the reader. The characters seem real, complete with real flaws. Not everything happens exactly the way the reader might want when wanted, and not everything is tied up in a pretty bow by the end. Yet, the satisfactory payoffs are there. It is just that Rinella draws the reader in to make them feel the hot and cold of a good multi-course meal, rather than spoonfeeding them lukewarm junk food.

I noticed that at least one character is polyamorous in the sense of being able to truly love more than one person at the same time.

The novels are for anyone who wants to read a modern tale of still-forbidden love, or anyone who wants to read a realistic account of consanguinamory, or anyone who is in or knows someone who is in or has been involved in such a relationship. Or, maybe you simply prefer a good story about love and family that pretty much spans the lifetime of the main characters.

They are not for anyone who is absolutely unwilling to give a romance between siblings any consideration. (If that is you, I’m surprised you’re still here reading my blog.)

How nice it is to have something that treats this love between siblings with dignity and depth. I would very much like to see these works adapted for the screen.

Have I been clear enough?  Buy all three!
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  1. Recently, the light novel series "Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai" which translates to "My little sister can't be this cute" finished it's adaption into anime form. The story is about a guy named Kyousuke who finds out his sister is an otaku who likes eroge (with a big obsession on little sister eroge and) and magical girl anime. This surprises Kyousuke because for the past few years Kirino has barely talked to him, and when she did, it's like she hated him. The story goes that he helps her keep her hobbies a secret from their parents, who don't like things like anime. And he also helps her with other things like finding friends that she can talk to about her hobby. Doing this, he starts to mend the relationship that they lost (because they used to be very close). We the viewers also begin to learn what caused the two to drift apart as well as the reasons Kirino acts so cold to Kyousuke.

    It has a fairly realistic take on the subject for an anime.

    Obviously this next section has a bit of a spoiler if you haven't seen any of the show.

    I just watched episode 14 of the second season, and most of the things Kyousuke said reminded me of a lot of what I feel as a brother. I've got to admit that I'm a Kyousuke and kirino fan, so I'm a bit biased, but I feel for both of the characters. Going through a lot of what they go through. Even Kirino, while she acts cold to Kyousuke, you can tell on the inside he's the most important person in her life, as you watch the series, you see just how much hand he has had in shaping her, to be who she became. And vice versa, as he tries to mend their relationship, you can see him becoming who he is at the end of the series, we see him turn from a man who is apathetic, lazy, and probably depressed, into a guy who does so much for Kirino and her friends, by regaining his old self and you see him becoming more and more happy.

    End spoiler

    BTW, I've been reading this series of books and I agree that they are good. I'm still on the first one, but its been good so far.

  2. Hi IchigoRadiance,

    Glad you are enjoying the book! Thank you for giving it a chance.

    I had not heard of that novel nor the anime. I'll have to check it out.

    All the best, DIane

  3. I would recommend "True Love" instead. ( ) It's ongoing, both the scanlation, and the series in Japan. (Since it's a scanlation, so it's right to left, like in Japan). It's turning out to be quite sad, though. Half the reason I read so much Japanese stuff is just that there are more stories about loving consanguineous couples there than here. Here, there's much more judgment. You can see it reflected in the difference in our laws.

    1. Okay, holy crap. "True Love" has become amazing. It's not going in the way I would've expected, even for a Japanese drama. As long as it doesn't resort to cheap melodramatic tragedy later on, it could end up being my favorite consanguineous romance in fiction, above "Love Wind". (FYI, it's from Japan, so it's read right-to-left.)

    2. Are you sure? Last time I checked (True Love) there was a twist and they were going the stepsibling route. Which was actually crazy considering 100% of the reader's were fine with consanguinity (I mean otherwise they would've dropped the series) There was no need to go the stepsibling route. Ironically the parents of the main were sibs.

      Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma gets a lot praise. It's a decent read though I disliked the ending.

      I would NOT recommend Ore no Imouto because it is unrealistic (both character design and build up of the relationship) and has ecchi elements.

      I know it sounds really negative but there needs to be more & better representation in media.


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