Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Katrina Yates is Still an Attention Hog

Katrina Yates still finds it necessary to blab to the media about the love lives of other consenting adults. We wrote about her media appearances before. Now has run an article rehashing her despair that other people may have found lover and happiness with each other. Jane Atkinson reports. The subheadline says this is "One of the most disturbing stories you'll ever read." I agree, but not for the same reason an editor chose those words.
Disgusted by the discovery, Katrina turned her daughter in to the police.
It is disturbing to me that someone would use unjust laws to interfere with the love life of consenting adults, especially when she's supposed to love and support one of them.
And last year, after 47-year-old Butler was jailed for admitting to sex with an adult relative, Nicola, 27, vowed to have nothing more to do with him.

But now Butler has been freed from prison and Nicola has vanished.

Well, yeah, if she risks having police arrest her for having consensual sex with someone she loves, disappearing can be a good idea.

Katrina, from Birmingham, met Butler at work in 1984 when she was 17. Within a year they were married and went on to have Nicola and son Lee, now 25 — but then their relationship broke down.

She said: “He was a good dad but we just grew apart. We separated when Nicola was four.”
So it was OK for Katrina to fall in love with Butler, but not another woman, not a woman who has inherited some of her traits?
And when Katrina got together with electrician Carl Yates, 41, both Nicola and Lee called him dad.
She said: “Carl treated my kids as his own and when Nicola was 18 she changed her surname by deed poll to Yates."

So Nicola has a social father. Butler hasn't had that role with her. What is the problem???

Even Nicola's sister reported Nicola was happy with him...
Nicola kept fobbing her mum off with excuses [preventing her mother from meeting her boyfriend] and, to throw her off the scent, she invited her teenage half-sister Natalie over to meet “Andy”. 

Katrina said: “If I said I’d pop round, she’d always say she’d save me the trouble and come to my house.

“My other daughter met ‘Andy’ a few times and although she said he was much older than Nicola, she said her sister seemed happy — that was all I ever wanted for my children.” 
But she couldn't just accept it. Instead, she had to cause trouble. After two prosecutions apparently haven't dissuaded their love, shouldn't the media, law enforcement, and Ms. Yates just let them be happy together?

The paper does mention that this is a matter of Genetic Sexual Attraction.

For all the finger-wagging, nobody gives a good reason why these two lovers shouldn't be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage, if that is what they want, without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination. "I'm disgusted" is not a reason. Don't like it? Don't do it. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!
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  1. The woman is obviously a money grabber, She's selling her story, when she's admitted she has disowned her, well fine, you've disowned her now leave her alone to live her life.

    My heart goes out to Nicola and Butler, wherever they are, I hope they can be happy. Wish people would leave them alone. They are consenting adults, let them be. :(

    1. Katrina is not a bitch, you are obviously disturbed if you think that this behaviour is acceptable. We dont know the full story, why the marriage broke down, was he abusive, she says he was a good dad, but obviously not if he was not allowed access through the courts for 18 years. you need to look further than the end of your nose and see behind the words

    2. Julie, consensual sex between adults is generally acceptable. It is bitchy to not only try to interfere with consensual adult sex, but try to employ law enforcement to do it, and to go to the media and badmouth the lovers.

  2. Two things,

    1. Katrina is a bitch
    2. The piggy is adowable


    1. Would you feel this acceptable if it were your family that was being ripped apart or are you just blabbing your mouth because you have an outside opinion and dont understand anything at all about emotions, betrayal and illegalities

    2. Who is ripping the family apart? The judgmental people, that's who. They don't accept that these people want to be together. How cruel is that?


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