Friday, November 9, 2012

Indiana Still Arresting Adults For Consensual Sex With Each Other

From comes this news from Bloomington, Indiana...
An aunt-nephew pair faces preliminary incest charges after being discovered in a pickup truck in a semi-state of undress Wednesday morning.

While on patrol, a Bloomington police officer came across 20-year-old Jesse Pedro, and 36-year-old Anniabell Scherill, sitting in a black GMC Sierra at about 2:20 a.m. in a parking lot on the west side of Cascades Park in Bloomington.

They are both adults. Why should they be arrested for having sex with each other? Who is the victim?
Kovach says, after questioning both admitted to having consensual sexual intercourse with one another.
That should be none of a police officer's business. DON'T TELL! Do not assist with an unjust prosecution.
She told the officer her and Pedro had been at their respective places of work prior to the incident and that she was undergoing marital issues at the time.
There is a chance, however remote, that her spouse knew and approved. But even if she was actually cheating, that shouldn't make it a criminal matter. This is a waste of law enforcement resources.
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  1. Having sex in a parking lot is just plain ignorant. They'd have been charged with that no matter what their family relationship is.

    Stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places get punished for being stupid.

    1. I agree that they should have been more careful, but notice the charge is said to be "incest," not a charge of sex in public.

  2. Of course, the DA's office always goes for the heaviest charge that represents the most possible jail time, the one most llikely to result in a plea.

    If you're jaywalking while smoking a jay, guess what, you're not gonna get charged with what your feet were doing.


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