Thursday, May 17, 2012

We Get Letters and Threats

Comments continue to pour in on this entry about a case of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Many comments are from haters who are bent on stopping consenting adults they don't even know from loving each other as they desire. However, they are apparently unable to provide a good excuse to hide their hate behind; they can't provide a reason love between consenting adults should be criminalized.

Here's a comment of note...

Anonymous May 17, 2012 8:03 AM

marriage equality have you been watching too much of incestous porn lately? I bet your hard drive is filled with such matter. I must ask the police to investigate

Ask the police to investigate what? An American using his First Amendment right to express a political opinion that CONSENTING ADULTS should be free to be together? I think the police have more important things to do than take orders from a nutcase.

Genetic Sexual Attraction has NOTHING to do with incestuous porn. And notice that this blog does not promote porn of any sort. I don't link to porn sites in that list on the right, I don't publish or republish porn here or anywhere else. In the context of this blog's subject of civil rights, have mentioned some videos that claim to depict consenting adults who are closely related. I have mentioned a site of written erotica at least once. That's about it.

If Anonymous is implying I am interested in the exploitation of minors, I am most definitely not and I have no interest in any media that depicts that, other than my interest that abusers of minors be locked up for a very long time.

I have made it clear over and over again that this blog is about consenting adults.

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  1. Keith, when I think that few years ago I would have answered your posts with "What's next?! Pedophilia?! Are you crazy!? Incest is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!" (I mean, more or less like that rude user), I feel utterly ashamed.
    I really appreciate your works.

  2. Just remember keith, that this is a reminder that you ARE attracting attention, both good and bad, but more attention nonetheless. Try to focus on the positive ^^. I have recently been lurking around sites and stuff about views on consanguineous relationships, and I was surprised when I came back to those sites and looked, there was a lot more support than previously (like 4 months ago previously xD) A lot of supporters are using arguments that you explain, not sure if they exactly got them from you though :P! I was like wow :D yay!

    I dunno what's up with that anonymous dude. Some people always jump to conclusions and think the worst of people just because they support something they have always known as wrong. Yes, cuz you must have some sortof incestous porn on your computer for you to be okay with a consensual relationship. *sarcasm* LOL I haven't seen anything porn related on here. Let me know when you get cops at your door and they want to take a check inside your computer. *roll eyes*

    Keep fighting for justice Keith! :D


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