Thursday, May 24, 2012

Male Howard Stern Caller Recounts Encounter With Father

I haven't heard much of Howard Stern's show in a long time.

In this clip, he takes a call from a man who says he had sex with his father. Obviously, this is Not Safe For Work.

I do recall Stern having a man in his studio who described having sex with his sister. He was in disguise, because video from the radio show was recorded to be shown on a cable television show.
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  1. The guy who claimed to have had sex with his sister was lying. His sister was on the show at a later date with him, without knowing what he'd said at first, and was very upset when she found out.

    About the only thing you can be sure of when it comes to Howard Stern are the things that happen in the studio, on camera. Things that people claim when calling in are questionable at best.

    1. Much of what is in the media that claims to be reality isn't always reality, or is a very limited view of reality. The guy you refer to could have been lying, or perhaps the lie was told later because of pressure.

  2. I appreciate your tone and your mature writing, anonymous. o.o Whether you disagree with us or not on our messages, or just with this post, it's still nice to know that people can still be civil ^^


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