Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Full Marriage Equality Means Marriage For All

A limited same-gender freedom to marry is not full marriage equality. It is part of full marriage equality. Full marriage equality means that an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other personal characteristics or circumstances of birth, can marry any consenting adults, without discrimination.

There are people in loving relationships, living as spouses, who can’t get married as long as gays and lesbians are banned from marriage, the polyamorous are banned from marriage, or the consanguinamorous are banned from marriage.

Letting them marry won’t hurt anyone else’s marriage; rather, it will make marriage more relevant in today’s world.

Right now, gays and lesbians can marry in some countries and some US states, but there are some states that, won't even recognize their marriages, let alone marry gays and lesbians. Some of these families include children whose parents want to get married, and people who say they want more children raised in marriage won't let them marry. What kind of sense is that?

Right now, a man can have relationships with multiple women and have children with all of them, and it is perfect legal. But he can only be legally married to one of the women. Again, people who say they want more children raised in marriage won't let them marry.

Right now, there are consanguineous lovers, some living as spouses with healthy children together, who can't get legally married where they live because only about half of states will marry first cousins almost none will marry any lovers who are more closely related; complete strangers can get married, though.

Full marriage equality means more children will have married parents, with the family treated equally.

Full marriage equality means more children and adults will have stability, equality, and fairness.

Full marriage equality means more consistency in the law.

Full marriage equality means abuse victims and witnesses will be more empowered to come forward to help prosecute abusers without fear of incriminating themselves.

Shouldn’t consenting adults be free to marry any consenting adults?

Equality just for some is not equality. Stand up for everyone's right to marry, even if you wouldn't want a marriage like theirs.

If Julia, an adult woman, wants to marry another consenting woman, Meghan, why should anyone stop her?

If Julia wants to marry two consenting women, Meghan and Mindy, who are sisters, why should anyone stop her?

If Julia passes first, shouldn’t Meghan and Mindy be able to keep a marriage, if that is what they want?

Nobody is hurt by full marriage equality, but many people will be helped.
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