Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dargers in the News Again

Simon Tomlinson at features heroes of this blog, the polygynous Dargers. Joe Darger is married to twin sisters Vicki and Valerie, and their cousin Alina.
Mutiple marriages: Joe Darger poses with his three wives, twin sisters Valerie (centre) and Vicki (right), and their cousin Alina (left)

In the eyes of their Fundamentalist Mormon religion, all three women are equally married to Joe.

They each have their own bedroom, and Joe alternates between the three rooms each evening.

Valerie, who works in the family cleaning business with Alina, 43, said: 'The fact that Joe was married to Vicki didn't bother me at all. I took it as a sign he would be a good husband for me as well.

'As teenagers, Vicki and I liked some of the same guys. I thought it might even be good if we married the same man.'
Some people think polygyny is about controlling and abusing women, but Vicki and Alina were both aware and agreeable when they were dating and then marrying Joe at the same time, and this it was Vicki and Alina who encouraged Joe to pursue Valerie.

The article includes a side-panel on the history of Mormon Polygamy.
The three wives and their husband have co-written a book 'Love Times Three', and some of their adult children also contributed to the story.

'We hope that by talking about our way of life, polygamy will step closer to being an accepted lifestyle and the laws that criminalise it might change,' said Joe.
An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults, protected from prosecution, bullying, and discrimination.

There's also a short video to go along with the article, as well as several other pictures.
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