Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adult Adoption Until Full Marriage Equality?

Stephanie L. Moll, Lawrence Brody, and Melissa Fernley wrote about adult adoption, citing and discussing the John Goodman case.

Yes, adult adoption is possible, and is allowed in many states across the country, including Missouri, although a few states require some sort of previous familial relationship. The result of such adoptions is not a traditional parent-child relationship, but rather a legal relationship that creates the same rights and responsibilities as would the adoption of a child. Adopted adults also become heirs of the adopting parent, although some states restrict the extent to which they can inherit.
Of interest to my readers is this...
In states where same-sex marriage is still prohibited, some same-sex couples have attempted to legally legitimize their relationship by having one partner adopt the other. This gives them rights approaching those of a married couple, such as insurance benefits, family housing options, and inheritance rights.

Some state statutes prohibit members of a same-sex couple from adopting each other, or their courts have decided not to recognize such adoptions. Still, many states do recognize legitimizing a same-sex relationship as a valid reason to adopt. However, adoption of a same-sex partner is falling out of favor, as many same-sex couples are now focusing their efforts on attempts at achieving marriage equality.
It could be something for anyone who is denied the freedom to marry to consider; LGBT people, polyamorous people (in triads or triangles, for example, perhaps there could be one legal marriage and also an adoption), and maybe even with consanguinamorous relationships. Until we get full marriage equality, some couples and polycules may want to get whatever legal arrangements they can. A good lawyer can help any lovers mull over legal possibilities.
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