Monday, May 7, 2012

Playing Mistie

I have already shared my thoughts on this sad case of what could very well be Genetic Sexual Attraction. There have been many news articles all over the world about it, probably because it involves an attractive woman arrested for a “sex crime.” But there hasn’t really been much new reported in these articles.

Todd Rigney reported at
Most of the stories you read about parents reconnecting with their long lost children are heartwarming tales filled with teary reunions, warm hugs, and a fair amount of happiness. However, every once in a while you get exposed to the dark side of such scenarios, leaving the reader to ponder the eternal question, “What in the hell is wrong with people these days?” Prepare yourself accordingly, as this is one such story that is sure to put your gag reflex to the test.
I wonder if Rigney would write this about a 32 year-old and a 16 year-old stranger in a state where 16-year-olds can legally consent?

Toyin Owoseje covered the news for
The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reportedly had no contact with his mother for 15 years until she tracked him down on Facebook in 2011.

The teenager lived with his father, who had been granted sole custody following the couple's divorce, and it is not known when Atkinson began to have personal contact with her son.
I would be very surprised if this wasn’t GSA.

This is how put it

Atkinson was charged on March 2 with four felonies: oral copulation of a minor, contact with a minor for a sexual offense, "sending harmful matter" to a minor, and, the big one, committing incest.

I see… statutory rape is no big deal… but “incest,” which can involve loving, consensual sex, is. Nice priorities.

The father of Atkinson's biological son has since obtained a restraining order against her.

He has full custody of the teenager. Obviously.
Obviously? Is he the guy who got a 15 year-old pregnant 17 years ago? Oh, that’s right. doesn’t think that’s a big deal.

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